Our Academy

At Falconer’s Hill Infant school, everything we do has the children at the heart of it. Our passionate teaching team works hard to provide the children of Falconer’s Hill Infant school with an education of the highest quality.

As a Head teacher I have always been principled about learning. I am a learner, I love to learn and I am delighted to lead a school and staff team which is happy to explore new ideas and to continually develop our practice.

Learning and achievement are recognised in the widest possible sense and our pupils have all kinds of talents and skills, personal goals and interests and these all have value.  Our curriculum is exciting and one which seeks to develop character, creativity and aspirations, helping every child to achieve their best based on high quality teaching and good pupil-teacher relationships. We include pastoral care and have a strong individualised SEND provision ensuring all pupils’ needs are met. A variety of teaching approaches are used at Falconer’s Hill and we continually use research to evaluate and contextualise our learning approaches.

FHIS is a very special place where home and school create a strong partnership which engenders and nurtures every aspect of your child’s education.

Mrs Rachel Edkins, MA
Headteacher and Leading SENDCo for Northamptonshire