At FHIS, Music is a highly creative subject that provides enjoyment which is shared in many forms and has a positive impact on wellbeing.  We want our pupils to develop a love of music and to experience a wide range of musical works so that they are inspired to develop their own musical knowledge and skills. 

Whether playing in an orchestra or singing as part of a choir, a collective effort and cooperation is required which teaches children that they have a  responsibility as part of this.  Listening to and appreciating music composed and performed by others should be done responsibly in order to fully appreciate and respect the work. 



Our Music Curriculum is taken from the online scheme ‘Music Express’ which provides teaching activities that are imaginative, inspiring and fun. Music Express fulfils the requirements of the Music National Curriculum of England and also meets the aims of the Model Music Curriculum. At FHIS, lessons are taught using the online platform and a knowledge organiser provided for pupils, which outlines the areas to be taught; sticky knowledge children need to understand and the key vocabulary they need to learn. 

Learning with Music Express, children will gain a broad and balanced musical education. They will: 

  • learn about and sing songs from around the world including the British Isles 

  • learn about music from different periods and genres 

  • enjoy music lessons with a balance of listening, composing, performing and appraising. 

A steady progression plan has been built into Music Express ensuring consistent musical development. Each unit is divided into six, weekly lessons, which are intended to be taught over a half term. 

To compliment this, we also use first-hand experiences to deepen children’s understanding of musical concepts while also igniting curiosity and enhancing cultural capital. Furthermore, we also work closely with NMPAT, offering recital days and enrichment opportunities where possible.