At FHIS we aim to provide pupils with a broad and balanced computing curriculum that enables them to recognise and use a variety of technology. Our curriculum incorporates information technology, computer science and digital literacy.  We help pupils to gain confidence at using different technology independently and ensure they know of the risks of being online and how to stay safe.  We encourage pupils to enjoy exploring different types of technology and guide them to develop the skills they will need in a rapidly changing digital world.  In addition to becoming confident users of technology, we support pupils to develop creativity, resilience and problem-solving skills by learning how to be ‘computational thinkers’.  We encourage the use of technology to support learning across the whole curriculum.  



In Early Years pupils are introduced to computing with access to Ipads and Beebots.  Teachers model how to use these and encourage pupils to explore them. 

In KS1 our scheme of work for Computing is taken from the ‘Teach Computing’ Curriculum.  It was chosen as it has been created by subject experts and covers all areas of the National Curriculum.  Pupils have access to a class set of laptops, Ipads and Beebots.  A knowledge organiser covering each topic is provided for pupils, which outlines the area to be taught, where the new knowledge and skills fit in with their prior learning, and key vocabulary they need to learn.  In addition to this scheme, we use ‘Barefoot’ resources which are problem-solving activities to encourage ‘computational thinking’. 

We are very aware of the need to give pupils the skills needed to stay safe online.  We want our pupils to benefit from the opportunities a connected world can bring.  Online safety and the responsible use of technology is taught in Computing and PHSE lessons, and in an E-Safety workshop.