School Opening Times

The school day starts at 8:45 am for all pupils in Reception to Year 2 and finishes at 3:25 pm. Our classroom doors open five minutes earlier at 8:40 am to ensure that we start the day ready and on time.

Reporting Absence

At Falconer’s Hill Infant School we work hard to minimise our rates of authorised and unauthorised absences. If a child is absent from school parents/carers should contact the school and inform us by 9:30am by telephone or email. For the safety of your child if we have not received a call by 9:30am we will contact you using the contact details on the school records.  Therefore, please make sure the school office have your correct details, particularly mobile phone numbers as these change more often. Every half-term the school Administration Officer checks the registers and follows up any children who are late or absent without reasons, with a letter.

The school’s attendance target is 97%. All children whose attendance falls below 90% will automatically be referred to our Attendance Officer. There is a great deal of current research regarding achievement which clearly shows that even quite low levels of absence have a negative impact on learning.

Thank you for your support.