Forms & Useful information for Parents

Please request a meeting with the Head Teacher via if you need to request a leave of absence for your child. Absences will not be authorised unless a meeting has taken place with the Head Teacher, and even then, it may only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

If anything changes in your personal circumstances, please do update the office with any changes to your contact details, emergency contact details, permissions etc.

Pupil Premium Funding

Please also be aware that if your financial situation has changed due to Covid-19 that the school may be entitled to Pupil Premium funding.

Please apply using the link below and forward us the response from the FSM team so we know whether you are eligible or not.

Please also see the attached leaflet which explains what Pupil Premium funding is and is used for:


Please see attached a price list of uniform available from Scallywagz who are based on the High Street in Daventry. Our school colour is red, and much of the normal uniform items are available in the larger supermarkets (i.e. jumpers, cardigans, fleeces, trousers, plimsoles, shorts). We recommend each child has one item of outer clothing with the school logo on, so it can be worn on school trips, and helps with identifying our school children, however this is not mandatory.

School Book bags are available from Scallywags and these are required for each child.

Lost Property

Attached is information from a company called Stikins, who provide stick in labels for children's clothing. We do ask that every item of uniform, lunch and PE bags etc are clearly labelled with your child's name. Stikins provides commission to our Friends of FHIS charity (PTA) for each order placed with them. They have rave reviews and are approved by Parentkind and Mumsnet.

Lost property is sorted out once a term and any items labelled are returned to the relevant class.

If you do decide to order, please note that FHIS Fundraising reference number to include is: 7083