Wonderful Willow

Autumn Term 2 - Rubbish Rumblers Continues...

2D and 3D shape hunts

7th December 2020

This week we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes around our environment.

Bonfire Smart Day

5th November 2020

Willow class have had a wonderful day celebrating Bonfire Night. We have explored fireworks through the artist Jackson Pollock, been visited by Fizz's Grandpa Fleet, who told us all about the Gunpowder Plot, learnt a new poem and even had a Bonfire of our own! The children found out about Guy Fawkes and made their own newspaper Guy Fawkes. Here are a few snaps from our wonderful day.

Autumn Term 1 - Rubbish Rumblers

Global Hand washing Day 2020

15th October 2020

As part of Global Hand washing day, Willow class have been exploring how we keep ourselves healthy and clean. We looked at washing our hands and sung songs to remind us how long we need to wash our hands for. We talked about the importance of keeping ourselves clean and why people are needing to wear masks. The children discussed where they had seen people wearing masks and used "Clyde the Creating Learning Star" to create our own colourful masks.

Rubbishy Ruby strikes again!

28th September 2020

Willow Class had another surprise visit from Rubbishy Ruby, who ripped up our class letter to Daventry County Council! The children have been exploring the features and layout of a good letter as our writing genre this half term. The children were furious at Rubbishy Ruby and decided we would beat her by all the children writing their own letters to the council. We rebuilt our class letter and designed our own "litter muncher" bin to help persuade people to put more litter in our new bins. The children generated a bank of adjectives to describe their bin, and we wrote our own letters to the council.

Multi Skills with Willow

21st September 2020

This week the children have been practicing different movements for travelling; jumping, hoping and skipping. We had lots of great fun!

Our 'Rainbow of Happiness'

14th September 2020

Willow Class have been sharing things that make us happy. As part of our "Mind to be Kind" focus for PSHE we shared things that we enjoy and the feeling of happiness. The children designed a tile of happiness, where we used our art skills to draw on polystyrene tiles and printing these to create a collaborative piece of art. This has been displayed in our Willow Cloakroom, where you can see our Willow team's masterpiece!

Rubbish Rumblers - Rubbishy Ruby is back!

7th September 2020

This term, our learning adventure is Rubbish Rubblers. We have been looking at the impact of litter on the environment and even had an awful visit from Rubbishy Ruby! The children found litter carelessly left across the playground and even in the classroom! Our fabulous Eco-hero children worked hard to collect and sort the litter left.