Spring Term

This term we are learning all about Energy with our new topic called 'Power Rangers.'

W.C 1.4.19

This week Maple Class have been exploring shadows. We explored our own shadows independently before joining with our learning partners to make interesting shapes with our bodies. We now know that our bodies block out light to create shadows on the ground.

Maple have been writing letters to Fizz using quills and ink. We folded the letters over and then sealed them with wax seals. It was interesting to see how tricky it used to be to write letters!

W.C 25th March

Today, Maple and Ash got all dressed up in Victorian outfits to visit the wonderful Holdenby House. Here they were put to work by Mrs Bumbridge and her bossy workhouse staff. The children completed lots of different jobs and had a real taste of life in the Victorian times. We had a great day!

Some of the children made peppermint creams for her Ladyship while others washed her clothes using a real Victorian Mangle!

Mrs Bumbridge made sure that her Ladyship's bed was completely flat and kept an eye on many of the Drudges (adults) as they were not as good at their jobs as the children!

W.C 18th March

Maple Class took part in some Outdoor Learning. The children were given a magic number and they had to create a picture with their partner using their magic numbers amount of object. They had to work in unity and use communication to complete their task. Then they had to peer assess eachother's pictures and check they stuck to their magic numbers!

Friday 15th March

We took part in a sponsored Animal Antics Walk where we did 10 laps of our grounds, behaving like animals to raise money for our children in Uganda. The children made fantastic animals!

Thursday 14th March

Today Maple Class visited Daventry Museum where we enjoyed a fantastic session all about the Victorians. We got to try on Victorian clothes, look at a range of artifacts including some smelly things! We also got to explore how we would wash clothes back in Victorian times and how we would have had to sit and write at school.

W.C 4.3.19

This week is World Book Week! Every year at FHIS, we travel around the world visiting six countries where we learn facts, hear stories and complete activities from each country. This week Maple will visit Denmark, Thailand, Egypt, Italy, Germany and North America.

Maple Class has been transformed into Denmark. Here are some pictures of children enjoying their visit to Denmark. The children explored the story of the Little Mermaid, investigated Viking artefacts, made origami boats/hats, decorated flags and made fish puppets.

World Book Day!

To celebrate World Book Day, Cameron from West End Theatres came to visit us. He showed us lots of different types of dance and showed us how to tell a story through dance. We learn a routine to tell the story of 'How to Catch a Star.'

Pancake Day!

We celebrated Pancake Day by learning all about Shrove Tuesday and then we had a go at cooking our own pancakes using baked bean tins and tealight candles. Some of us had large tins with large tealights and others had small tins with small tealights. We had to raise the tins to allow the oxygen to get to the flame otherwise they kept going out! We were surprised to learn that the small tins took longer to cook the pancakes than the large tins. Afterwards we ate some scotch pancakes with delicious toppings and took part in a variety of pancake races. We had a great time!

W.C 26.2.19

This week Maple Class took part in some Outdoor Learning. They created patterns working collaboratively. We loved that each pattern was different!

We had a visitor who put on a Shadow Puppet Show of the story of Hansel and Gretel. Diane very kindly showed us how she made the puppets after the show and she talked to us about how they move.

W.C 11.2.19

On Friday we celebrated Mental Health Awareness Day. We all dressed in Blue for the charity Mind. We took part in a whole school bubble blow to help us blow our worries away and we took part in lots of fun activities throughout the day such as body scans and yoga. Below you can see us taking part in Pokemon Yoga! We begin and end each session saying 'Namaste'

Maple Class took part in 'Wassailing.' We visited our class tree where we hung slices of toast on the branches and played instruments to wake the tree up for the Spring. We looked closely and noticed some buds already coming through on our tree.

W.C 4.2.19

On Friday we celebrated E-Safety with the help of 'One Day Creative' who completed a fantastic workshop with us linking internet safety to fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood. We now understand that online people are not always who they seem and we know the important of not sharing our personal information. The children had a great time in the workshop, we also created posters about keeping safe and made our own masks.

We have been doing lots of learning about post boxes. We have been exploring different post boxes, reading their Royal Cyphers and looking at their collection times. We have been learning the Latin words for King (Rex) and Queen (Regina)

On Monday we went for a post box walk where we found 4 different post boxes. At each post box the children posted their own letters that they had written to their learning partner. We were so lucky because we even saw a postman emptying a post box and he showed us the key he uses to empty the post box and then we even got to see his van!

January 2019

We've started learning about Light and Dark. We have been testing objects to see which are the most reflective. We made predictions and then tested a variety of materials. We discovered that CDs and tin foil were reflective whilst the fabric was opaque and created strong shadows. Next week we are going to design reflective clothing for Plop the Owl.


We have started to explore the story 'The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark' We worked in groups to create freeze frames of some of the sections of the story. If you look closely you can see the children worked hard on their facial expressions to show which character they were and how they may have been feeling.

November 2018

W.C 19.11.18

Falconer's Hill Infants School had a special visit today from the lovely Joy. She came to tell us all about different animals that are found in Africa. Joy also gave us an update on the Ugandan Children that we sponsor as a school. Maple Class sponsor Sandra who is 13 years old. Joy also gave each class a present from Uganda which was a beautiful handmade bicycle.

Maple Class have been exploring the outdoors; finding natural materials that match a range of adjectives. The children enjoyed trying to find natural materials that were 'shiny and fuzzy.' They showed great unity when working together to complete their task.

W.C 5.11.18

Thursday 8th November

Maple Class went to visit Daventry Museum to view the 114 chairs from the 'Empty Chair Project.' We were able to find our chair which we made for Private Hubert Walker. After the Museum we went to visit the Memorial to lay our Poppy Wreath and we had a one minute silence to show respect to the fallen soliders.

The children were very respectful and we had a great time.

Monday 5th November

Maple Class spent the entire day learning all about Bonfire Night.

  • We made some predictions about which objects would/would not burn on the fire
  • We learnt the story of The Gunpowder Plot
  • We memorized the special Gunpowder Rhyme
  • We made out own Guys out of newspaper and placed these on our Bonfire
  • We ate toasted marshmallows and watched as our Bonfire grew rapidly

We had a fantastic day!

October 2018

W.C 15.10.18

On Monday we celebrated Global Hand-washing Day. We learnt all about the importance of washing our hands properly. We designed our own evil germs, got our hands dirty with mud pies and hand print painting and we designed our own bottles of soap.

Fun Fact: You should be able to sing Happy Birthday twice in your head in the time it takes you to wash your hands. We had fun trying this!

Maple Class had a go at playing a game of Conkers! We each had a conker and learnt the rules of the game. Some of the children managed to crack their partner's conkers!

W.C 8.10.18

Oh no! Disrespectful Dora is back. This time she caused mayhem in our School Courtyard and left lots of clues for us. We decided to write her some letters to ask her to stop. We asked her some questions and we are eagerly waiting for a reply.

W.C 1.10.18

This week Disrespectful Dora sent Maple Class another letter to say she had visited our area that morning. We rushed outside to find that she had covered the trees in toilet roll, put PE equipment everywhere and she had even stepped moldy banana into the grass! Some of the children found one of her footprints on a bean bag and took a photo quickly before it dried. The children worked together to tidy the area before the drone came over to take photographs for the competition.

Then we went back in to the classroom and the children created some fantastic news headlines to describe the event.

  • Disrespectful Dora Strikes Again!
  • Dora Returns
  • What A Mess!

In Maths this week Year 1 have been exploring different ways of making 10.