Fantastic Foundation

This is where you can find out all about what Fantastic Foundation have been learning about.

Fantastic Foundation have been enjoying exploring the outdoors. "We love collecting things"

We have played getting to know us games and creating a class friendship web.

We have been exploring how Beebots work with our new friends.

We made a 'Friendship web' with our new class mates. We have each kept a piece of our web.

"Wow look at our Chestnut tree!"

To celebrate International day of Peace we blew 'Peace bubbles'

Chestnut and Sycamore really enjoyed looking at our school grounds and drawing and writing about their favourite parts of it.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt themed story corner which enhances and complements the ECO work we are doing about our school grounds and Green Guardian work.

Weekly we enjoy our Sunshine circle session where we have lots of fun team building, securing relationships and improving our well being. This week we used foam to create our very own snow storm!

We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day we're not scared!

We have been painting patterns in our Maths sessions, copying, completing and creating our own.

This week we have been learning some new Letter sounds and Caption Actions. We learnt these sounds through these wonderful stories.

Sound Talk It Parrot (Harold) has been helping us to hear environmental sounds and get our ears ready for letter sound learning.

We showed our respect and remembered the brave men and woman who fought to keep us safe by planting handmade poppies on our Adventure hill.

During out Art Appreciation session we looked art work by Van Gough, read poems and watched and listened to The Earth song by Micheal Jackson. The children were shocked that people want to cut down trees and hurt animals.

We have been popping bubbles practicing the Caption Action, p, p Pirate Pete.

We have been busy in Maths Smart room this week. Making patterns, counting smart and building smart.

We visited our class trees and discovered that all the leaves had turned yellow and most of them were on the floor!! we enjoyed having a Sycamore leaf shower!

We have enjoyed mixing our own colours and painting tree pictures following our Autumn walks around the school grounds.

During Phonic Fairy this week we have learnt the letter sounds i, n, and m.

We love playing pass the hat to practise letter sounds previously taught.

We 'swam' in the ocean and crawled like caterpillars across the hall in Phonics this week.

We used the story Munch for inspiration to make reading sandwiches. We used Slide the Snake to blend the sounds together.

We have been learning all about the number 3 this week. We have shown our understanding of the number by making it, recognising it, partitioning it and using convincing explanations about three.

We have been finding out all about Disrespectful Dora and how we can be respectful and look after our school grounds.

We have been participating in 'Competition' drama, the children have been learning about Drones and how they photograph the world from a 'Birds Eye' perspective. We used I pads to take photos from above to see the difference in objects and the shapes they are. We also found our outside Beech, Mulberry and Garden area in a real mess. Disrespectful Dora had been doing her WORST!

We love Sunshine Circles!

This week we had beanbag races and popped bubbles. in our Food Share we had the choice of Pom bears, jelly babies or giant buttons!! Yum Yum!