Amazing Ash

Autumn Term

Rubbish Rumblers

This term our topic is called 'Rubbish Rumblers' We are going to be learning about how littering affects the world and thinking of what we can do to help.


Remember Remember the 5th of November...

We had a wonderful day learning all about the Gunpowder Plot. We made our own guys and placed them on a huge bonfire. Mr Carmichael safely lit the bonfire and we all gathered together (socially distanced) to watch the bonfire and eat our delicious marshmellows.

We also created some beautiful poppies which we used to create an indoor display to remember the brave men and women who fought to keep us safe.

WC 19.10.20

In October we had lots of fun using the outdoors. We worked hard in Maths by finding ten more and ten less.

We also collected lots of leaves on an autumnal walk around our wonderful school grounds. We created woodland animals by collaging with natural materials.

WC 5.10.20

On Wednesday we had a worried letter from Wizzy (Fizz's Mum) to say he had not come back from litter picking. We went to investigate and discovered that Rubbish Ruby had captured Fizz to stop him litter picking. We decided to write letters to Rubbishy Ruby to teach her how to behave and educate her about the dangers of littering.

21st September- International Peace Day

On Monday we celebrated international peace day. We started our day by working together to write a whole class poem.

Then we found out that doves were a symbol for peace. We decorated our very own peace doves using 'collage' and then spent the afternoon designing our own peace logos which we produced using chalk. We created a peace path to enter into our school grounds.

WC 7th September 2020

An investigation for Fizz

On Wednesday we received a worried email from Fizz, he noticed that there was lots of rubbish around our school grounds including in our magic maze. Ash Class went to investigate for Fizz and this is what we found!

We quickly realised someone had been deliberately littering around our school. The children noticed the initials RR, after some detective work they worked out it was Rubbishy Ruby who had been causing trouble by littering around our school. We drew pictures of the litter we found and took photographs to report back to Fizz. We also picked up the rubbish to tidy up our school.