At FHIS, we recognise the importance of PSHE and how it teaches children to be socially aware, safe and play a positive role within their community. Our curriculum holds our children at its heart and aims to equip them for happy, healthy lives and to be effective learners. We believe that feeling happy, safe and loved are the roots any child needs to grow and we know that not all children have the same start in life; our enrichment and PD opportunities aim to reduce this gap and boost cultural capital.



From September 2022, we introduced our Trust scheme. Following guidance from the PSHE Association, teaching Personal Development in three modules over the year: Relationships, Health and well-being, Living in the wider world. The No Outsiders lessons are embedded into the curriculum to support each module and taught throughout the year. We then use SCARF to supplement and enhance our bespoke curriculum to ensure children revisit key areas and gain breadth of knowledge and skills.

Our PSHE curriculum is designed with our children at its heart, looking at that needs of those in our catchment area and teaching accordingly. We also offer a range of enrichment to help develop children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.