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Summer Term 2017
Our topic this term is Ocean Conservation

June 2017
On Friday 30th June, all of KS1 travelled for 3 hours on a coach to Hunstanton. We had an amazing time looking at lots of sea creatures in the Sea Life Centre. After lunch, we went on the beach and made sandcastles and searched for exciting shells and rocks. 
It was a long day but we all really enjoyed the trip. Here are some photographs of our adventure:


This is us building sandcastles. It was tricky to get them to 
stick together but some of us managed to make some 
huge ones!
After the beach, we joined up with the other KS1 classes for an ice-cream!

This week we have been creating our own portholes using paper plates. We then had to write instructions about how we made them. Have a look at some pictures of us making our portholes below. 

On Wednesday 7th June, the whole school went outside to watch the Women's Cycle Tour ride past. We were filmed by ITV4 and we managed to watch ourselves on the news. We really enjoyed cheering them on and waving our flags as they rode past.


        March 2017

On 29th March, we celebrated Flight Smart Day! We watched a demonstration of several different animals and then had a competition to see who could create the bird that would fly the furthest. We were only given art straws, a polystyrene ball, feathers, paper and glue - and had to use our imaginations to create the best bird that we could. We had a great day and learnt a lot about how things fly.

This week, our eggs hatched and we had 10 fluffy chicks in school! We were all able to handle them after a few days which was very exciting. Their feet were scratchy but their feathers were very soft.

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