Oak Class

This is Oak's Class page where you can find out what the children have been learning about.

This week we watched the Women's Cycle Tour zoom past our school!

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On Friday 25th May 2017 we had a Fizzy Fitness Smart Day where we opened our Fitness Track.

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This week we watched the chicks hatch and even got the opportunity to hold them!
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This week we have been using the Internet to research facts about ocean animals including Dolphins, Whales and Sharks. We then used these to generate adjectives and similes to describe them. We used these descriptions in our Under the Sea stories!
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Circusology Workshop
Here are some photographs of our Circusology Workshop;
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Volcano Making
 We looked at some Volcanoes in Africa and how Volcanoes are made. We then in DT made our own volcanoes and in our science lesson, we exploded them! It was great fun!

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